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Our photo masking services are designed to cater to a wide range of image editing needs, ensuring precise isolation and seamless blending for your complex subjects. Our dedicated team employs cutting-edge software and creative flair to deliver impeccable results. Here's what we offer:

  1. Layer Masking: We meticulously create layer masks to isolate subjects from backgrounds, allowing for easy adjustments and modifications.

  2. Hair/Fur Masking: Our experts expertly mask subjects with fine details like hair or fur, ensuring natural and lifelike appearances.

  3. Transparent Object Masking: We accurately mask transparent or semi-transparent objects, maintaining transparency without any artifacts.

  4. Alpha Channel Masking: We utilize alpha channels to mask intricate objects, enabling smooth blending and perfect compositions.

  5. Color Masking: Our team applies color-based masking to separate subjects based on color ranges, offering precise selection and editing.

  6. Complex Object Masking: We handle challenging shapes and intricate objects, ensuring detailed masking without compromising quality.

  7. Soft Edge Masking: We create soft-edged masks for subjects that require a subtle and seamless integration into new backgrounds.