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ZohaibSK is a dynamic blogging website built using the PHP Laravel framework. Laravel is a popular and robust framework known for its elegant syntax and powerful features, making it an excellent choice for developing web applications.

The ZohaibSK blogging website leverages Laravel's MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern, which promotes the separation of concerns and ensures a clean and organized codebase. This allows for easier maintenance and scalability of the website.

The website offers a range of features and functionalities that make it a comprehensive platform for bloggers. Some of these features include:

  1. User Authentication: ZohaibSK provides a secure and seamless user authentication system, allowing users to register, log in, and manage their accounts. This enables bloggers to create and manage their own personalized profiles.

  2. Blog Management: Registered users can create, edit, and delete their blog posts. The website provides a user-friendly interface for composing and formatting blog content. Users can categorize their posts, add tags, and organize them in a structured manner.

Blogging Website

Client Name
: Zohaib Sattar Kashmiri
: Laravel Framework
Start Date
: Apr 03, 2023
End Date
: May 02, 2023
: Completed